Redlands Christian Schools

At Redlands Christian Schools, plenty of resources are provided to help students achieve their greatest potential. The following links give key locations to access these tools:
  • Google Drive and Google Email - Access is at This provides Google word processing, spreadsheet, and presentations tools as well as 30 GB of storage for any files.  Remember the domain is, so your login should be your first initial, then your last name, then the last two digits of the year you will graduate from high school. Example: you are a senior, named Dennis Miller it would be Please see the technology department for assistance in setting this up. This email is only for educational use as stated in the Parent-Student Handbook. 

Wireless Access
Wireless access is available under student user in the media center and local surrounding areas. The use of personal devices such as iPads, Android tablets, window tablets, and laptops on the upper school campus must follow all school rules. If you need the wireless access code, please check with Mr. Fox. The use of computers and tablets in class is only granted with permission from the teacher and must be in accordance with school guidelines.


  • The library printer is the Media Center HP M600.  If it is not listed as one of the printing devices on your computer, you may add it or ask for assistance.
  • The other printer for students is the Computer Lab HP 4200. It may be listed
    or added to your computer.  Access to this room may be limited at times.
  • Please do not print to other printers on campus.
  • Do not print an entire website. Please copy the information you want to a Word or Google Doc file and print that document. This saves a great deal of paper since some web pages may print many additional pages that are not needed.
  • If a printer does not respond, please seek assistance. Repeatedly trying to print only delays the printing and usually results in printing multiple copies.
  • Google Drive/Docs cannot print directly to the printer. In Google Docs
    save to a PDF and then print the PDF.