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School Home Partnership

The mission of Redlands Christian Schools (RCS) is to provide Christ-centered excellence in education while partnering with the church and home to advance God’s kingdom. This mission undergirds every aspect of learning and drives our commitment to a strong, integrated academic program.

Our philosophy of parent partnership is a product of our biblical worldview. We believe that God has given parents the responsibility of raising their children. It is a joy that they partner with RCS in that endeavor. Parents choose Redlands Christian because they align with the mission and vision of the school and are committed to biblical parenting and home lives. They possess a desire to see the Schoolwide Learner Outcomes of the school emerge in their child’s life. Teachers choose to teach at RCS because they desire to see students grow in their understanding of God’s world and in relationship with Christ. The core of the parent-school relationship is a mutual trust that sustains the relationship through the natural ups and downs of childhood, education, and family life.

This is a partnership and, while at times there may be challenges in that relationship, the commitment to working through those situations with grace and a desire for reconciliation is essential. A demonstrated pattern of non-partnership will result in a parting of ways.