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US Principal Welcome

I'm proud to be leading the Upper School at Arrowhead Christian Academy and welcome your interest in being part of this community.

What makes this place special? Well, it begins with the people. When we survey students about the highlights of their experiences at ACA, over and over we hear that they love their relationships with faculty and the close-knit nature of our school community. At the end of the day, such a community makes a big and positive difference in a student's education.

And it includes the programs. We have first-rate academic programs that are able to meet the needs of all students. We have honors and AP classes. We offer a comprehensive educational program to assist students with varying career and college aspirations. With art, music, theater, yearbook, athletic and club offerings, students will find a rich high school experience.

Did I mention the results? Nearly 100 percent of the members of each graduating class indicate that they have matriculated into college. Over 90% of our graduates meet the A-G requirements for UC admission, a number that greatly exceeds our public competitors.

But it begins with the right foundation. Ultimately our desire is that our students will grow in their relationship with God. We want them to understand the value of their fellow human beings as "made-in-the-image-of-God" creations. We want them to recognize the impact of the fall on our world - that man is incapable of avoiding evil and that the whole world fell when man fell. We want them to recognize the power of redemption, not just in restoring our relationship with God through the gift of Jesus Christ, but also in the work we as Christians do in the world around us.

Please continue to explore your educational opportunities available through ACA.

Ben Snyder
Upper School Principal

Ben Snyder
Upper School Principal

Upper School Resources