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Steps for Eagle Student Admissions

1. Submit Application and Application Fee

In order to be considered for admission, a complete application must be submitted online along with the application fee. Additional items required include: birth certificate, immunization record, report cards/transcript, standardized testing, IEP (if applicable), 504 Plan (if applicable), behavior record (if applicable), etc. For Preschool and Jr. Kindergarten applicants, additional State of California forms will also be required.

Click HERE for application options

2. Application File Review

Once the application is submitted, the Admissions Team will review the file and contact the family for any missing information or needed clarification.

3. Academic Assessment

Students entering Kindergarten through 12th grade will be scheduled for assessment. Please click HERE for dates/times of scheduled assessments for grades 6 - 12. Appointments for individual assessment will be made for students entering Kindergarten - 5.

4. Family Interview with Principal

The Admissions Team will schedule an interview with the specific campus Principal for the parents and applicant. During this time, the Principal takes the opportunity to get to know the family as well as the incoming student.

5. Admissions Decision

After all of the steps above have been completed, the family will receive a letter outlining the admissions decision.

6. Finalizing Enrollment

Upon acceptance, families will receive a packet with the final enrollment and financial documents. All new families are required to meet with Betty Crocker, Director of Enrollment Management, to finalize enrollment and submit the signed documents and required finances. Instructions for finalizing enrollment will be included in the packet.

If the family has applied for financial aid, the award determination may be included in the enrollment packet or sent out shortly thereafter as a separate document.

Admissions Team
(909) 793-0601, Ext. 162