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ESL Program

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program at Arrowhead Christian Academy Upper School is divided into three levels—ESL 1, ESL 2, and Advanced ESL—and has three main purposes: to develop students' language abilities; to inspire students to love learning in all academic areas; and to prepare students for future success in university and beyond. Each new international student who enrolls at the Upper School is given extensive testing to determine his or her English skill level, and is then placed in the appropriate ESL level.

ESL Levels


  • For students with a lower-intermediate skill level.
  • Focuses on building the skills necessary for success in ACA’s core academic classes.
  • Focuses mainly on basic grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Develops students' speaking fluency and confidence through frequent opportunities for practice.


  • For students at the intermediate skill level.
  • Focuses on building the skills necessary for success in ACA’s core academic classes.
  • Focuses on more advanced grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.

Advanced ESL

  • For students at a the upper-intermediate level.
  • Focuses on college preparation, including instruction in more advanced vocabulary, grammar, writing, and reading, as well as reading two novels.
  • Prepares students through a variety of projects for more rigorous coursework in their later high school years and into university.

Other ESL Program Benefits

ESL Bible

Bible courses are compulsory for all students. Therefore, it is essential for international students to build background knowledge in the area of Bible while also developing their English language skills. ESL Bible:

  • Targets English language development for students with a lower-intermediate to intermediate skill level.
  • Provides students with basic instruction in Bible content, terms, and concepts to help them make a smooth transition into regular Bible classes.

After-School 1:1 Tutoring

All students need help at one time or another. For students who would like additional support for their core classes, one-on-one tutoring is available after school.

  • Optional for students of all English proficiency levels, including students not enrolled in an ESL course (but strongly encouraged for students at lower-intermediate to intermediate levels).
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate student activities/sports.
  • Available at additional cost.

Practice TOEFL

Because the TOEFL exam is required for admission into most universities, it is worthy of practice time throughout the year. In addition to having "TOEFL Tuesdays" in ESL 2 and Advanced ESL, we provide a practice TOEFL exam for Advanced ESL students once each year.

  • May be bypassed with an official TOEFL score > 90
  • No additional cost to student


While the TOEFL is necessary for university admission, it is also important to see how much each student's English skills are improving. We administer the iTEP SLATE exam on our campus, twice each year for new students and once each year for returning students.

  • Required for all students in ESL 1 and 2
  • No additional cost to student

Mrs. Laura Baker
ESL Teacher