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Hear what our students are saying!

Tiffany, Class of 2017, University of Washington

"I've been here for three years now, and it has absolutely been a pleasure to live with my host family. We have gotten to know each other so well. I talk to my host parents like I talk to my real parents. It is my second home where I can come back on weekends and holidays when I attend college. I love my host family. Since the first day I came here, they were just nice to me. They treat me like their real daughter. I’m so glad that I get to be in this host family. It’s such a joy!"

Selena, Class of 2018, UC Berkeley

"I began studying in the United States at ACA during my freshman year. However, in my sophomore year, due to personal circumstances, I transferred to a school in New York for one year. Since I could not forget my precious memories from ACA, I eventually came back. One of the reasons that I returned to ACA was my teachers. All ACA teachers are always warm-hearted and open-minded toward international students, and they teach with great passion. ACA also gives students many opportunities. I currently participate in music class, social media team, and leadership clubs. By doing these activities, I can learn a lot things and have fun in studying in the United States. Lastly, ACA’s international student program is well organized and established. Our international student program staff is always open to help students, and gets students on the right track."

Lucas, Class of 2019, Pepperdine University

“I’m so glad the school has chosen my host family to host me. They are very nice and considerate to us. They treat us like their own sons so that we feel we are part of the family. I like to talk to my host parents, as it improves my English skill. I believe that everything can be solved with good communication. They always help me, no matter if the problems are about study or life in general. Since we are still young and away from our real families, we lack the experience about life, and sometimes we make wrong decisions. But we are fortunate that ACA has found a family for me, as my guardians, my teachers and friends. Although we are far away from our home country, we can still have the feeling of home in America. I am so grateful to the school and the host family.”

Zoey, Class of 2020

"I have been a part of this big family for about one year. During this year, I graduated from Redlands Christian Middle School and now I am a high schooler at Arrowhead Christian Academy Upper School. For me, the main difference between middle school and high school is the change of schedules. In high school, we can choose to take classes we are interested in. This gives me a great chance to move another step toward my target. I also really enjoy the learning atmosphere at ACA. Nothing is more enjoyable than having some good, funny, friend-like teachers in a busy learning process."