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Parent Testimonials

Mr. Zhang





看他在学校新年音乐会动情歌唱,听他参加网球校际赛后的喜悦分享,读他大学文书描述学校新墨西哥州公益活动的心灵感悟,浏览他在学校年度的沙滩活动、山上露营玩耍嬉闹的青春印记,此刻我无比感恩亚罗海德学校给予了儿子收获自信快乐的环境起源;听他热情投身于学校网页制作,看他大学申请系统呈现的GPA .SAT .AP等各项学术成绩,感恩亚罗海德老师重视培养孩子专长、传授孩子扎实的基础学术知识的严谨教学作风。




A Place Where Dreams Begin: Redlands Christian Schools/Arrowhead Christian Academy

Time flies. My son Simon gave up his high school in China and decided to come here in 2014. Even though it has already been two years since he made this decision, his consideration, hesitation and worries at that time still remains in my mind clearly. Road is there, and he stepped out already. Only time can give us the answer. I’ve seen his singing during the New Year Dinner. I’ve heard his joyful sharing after winning a tennis match. I’ve read his thoughts and inspirations of the New Mexico Mission Trip in his college essay. I’ve browsed his pictures of the Beach Trip and Retreat. From that moment on, I've appreciated Arrowhead Christian Academy for providing students opportunities to enjoy their high school life. I’m proud of his position in United Media as a website manager. I’ve witnessed his outstanding achievements in GPA, SAT, and AP courses. I have great appreciation for the faculty in Arrowhead Christian Academy for taking time to develop students’ hobbies and specialties, and for teaching academic knowledge precisely and rigorously.

I am sure now that my son has already adapted to the education system in America. The knowledge and training he has received from Arrowhead Christian Academy will help him get into his choice of universities and enjoy the process of chasing his dream.

Zhiqin Zhang