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Eagle Parents

All parents at RCS are Eagle Parents!

Eagle Parent General Volunteers:When presented the opportunity, Eagle Parent General Volunteers sign up to volunteer for school-wide events. The sign up process typically utilizes a Sign Up Genius link that is emailed out from a staff member or coach. For example, an email may go out looking for volunteers to set up tables for a luncheon, help set up band instruments before a performance or bring snacks to your son or daughter’s game.

Eagle Classroom Volunteers:Eagle Classroom Volunteers are asked to help in the Preschool/Lower School classroom with small groups and other day-to-day classroom routines as determined by the homeroom teacher. These parents also can help out in class parties or other special activities as determined by the homeroom teacher. 

Eagle Room Parents:  Eagle Room Parents partner with the Preschool/Lower School teacher to help him/her plan special class parties and events. If there are multiple parents in one classroom that desire to be a Room Parent, the homeroom teacher will choose a Room Parent to coordinate and all other interested volunteers will support the events planned by the Homeroom Teacher and Room Parent.

Teacher Blessing Group:  The Teacher Blessing Group plans the blessings for the Teachers and Staff on each campus, i.e., staff appreciation luncheons, gifts to the teachers, etc.  There are different ways that you can use your gifts and talents to help with these events. We need team members who can help in these kind of ways…

·        Food coordinator: plan menu of luncheons
·        Décor: Plan decor for our blessing times
·        Hospitality/Serving: coordinate number of volunteers needed
·        Craft: Making, putting together, or sharing ideas for the small tokens of appreciation for our Teachers and Staff

For mid-year volunteer options, please feel free to email Tara Fernandez at

For other questions, please send an email to