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Lower/Middle School Extended Care

Extended care is offered before school as early as 6:30am and after school until 6pm for students in Kindergarten - 8th grade.

Parents of Full Day Kindergarten - 8th grade students have a few options when it comes to extended care!

Yearly Discounted Extended Care Plan - With this plan, there is no limit on the amount of extended care utilized during the regular school year (additional charges will apply for late fees as well as Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Camps). This is a great option for families who use extended care on a regular basis.

The yearly discounted extended care plan for 2023-24 will be available for purchase anytime between May 1 and August 1 for $2,100 per student (monthly payment options are available). Due to the nature of the discounted program, the sign-up deadline of August 1 will be final and refunds will not be offered for enrolled students. In the case of a mid-year withdrawal, refunds will be determined by calculating the student’s actual extended care usage multiplied by the drop-in rate.

Drop-In Extended Care with Pre-Registration - This plan allows parents to pre-register by the week and pay for mornings and/or afternoons at a block rate, depending upon their needs.  Block rates are as follows: $8/morning, $17/afternoon Monday - Thursday, *$12.50/afternoon on Friday until 3:15 pm, $25.50/afternoon on Friday until 6 pm.  With pre-registration, the block rate applies regardless of the actual usage (additional charges will apply for late fees as well as Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Camps) *The emergency extended care rate will be charged for students remaining after 3:15 pm.

Emergency Extended Care - For those needing this service intermittently, families will be billed at the emergency extended care rate of $10.50/hour. 

Minimum Days and Early Release Fridays - Extended Care charges begin at 1:45 p.m. on these special release days.

(please reference the year specific finance sheet  and Lower/Middle School Extended Care Policies for more details)