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Lunch Information for Middle/Upper School

Lunch Thyme, a subsidiary of Progressive Catering, does a wonderful job providing fresh, affordable lunch options for your middle or upper school student. Middle School students will have a pre-determined menu each day. Drinks and sides will be available at additional cost. The cost for lunch (entree and one side) is $6.25 per day.

For Upper School Students, the menu varies from day to day allowing students to make choices at the time of their order. Lunches typically run between $6.25 and $8 per day depending on what a student orders.

In order to purchase lunch, there must be a credit on your student's Lunch MS-US (Middle-Upper School) Account. It is quick and easy to put money on your account through the FACTS Family Portal. Please inquire with the business office with any questions about adding funds to the Lunch MS-US Account.

Please DO NOT order lunch from the Student Section on the FACTS Family Portal for middle and/or upper school. That section is specifically for students on the lower school campus.