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Parent-Student Handbook and Acknowledgement Form

To review the 2022-23 Parent-Student Handbook, please log into the FACTS Family Portal and click Resource Documents.


Dear Parents,

The 2022-23 Parent-Student Handbook contains many items that will help you and your student navigate through his/her school year. Please read the handbook with your student and discuss with him/her all topics that are relevant.


After reading the handbook, please complete and submit the acknowledgement form below. Your submissions indicates that you, as a parent, as well as your student(s), have read and understand our rules and policies.

How many of your children are enrolled at RCS/ACA for the 2022-23 school year?required
1. Student Namerequired
1. Campus attending?required
2. Student Namerequired
2. Campus attending?required
3. Student Namerequired
3. Campus attending?required
4. Student Namerequired
4. Campus attending?required
5. Student Namerequired
5. Campus attending?required

I have read and reviewed the policies contained in the 2022-23 Parent-Student Handbook with my student(s). By submitting this acknowledgement form, we agree to abide by these policies.

1. Parent Namerequired
2. Parent Name
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format