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Textbook Information

Upper School Used Books Sales/Purchases
Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks in grades 9-12. The VIRTUAL BULLETIN BOARD is a source to sell or purchase used books for the upcoming school year. Make sure you double check the ISBN for each book to make sure it matches the book list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to delete a posting after it is sold, you must create an account after you click on the link. If you do not wish to create an account, please use a "SOLD" tag on your posting and it will be deleted for you.

You may also find these books via online sources, i.e., Chegg, Amazon, etc. ALWAYS search using the ISBN to make sure you purchase the correct copy. To compare prices online, check out


Donating Books: If you would like to donate any textbooks back to the school, we are happy to accept donations as long as the books are listed on the 2023-24 Textbook List. Please feel free to bring any donated textbooks to our front office. If possible, we would appreciate receiving your donation PRIOR to June 30 so we can redistribute the donated books to families in need.