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Lower School Lunch Information

Our hot lunch program is provided by Lunch Thyme Catering. They have multiple options for ordering. You may order a week or month at a time or you may order for the next day before 7:00 pm the evening prior. Included in the meal will be a main dish, fresh fruit and vegetable, and a bottle of water, juice or carton of milk. The cost for lunch is $6.00 per day.

FACTS Family Portal Lunch Orders:

Parents order lunch via the FACTS Family Portal.

1. Click on Student and then Lunch. Make sure the student tab selected is for your Lower School Student ONLY.

2. Create a web order and then submit payment directly through the Family Portal.

Family Portal online lunch orders cannot be processed using a credit already on the lunch account. Family Portal orders must be placed by 7 pm the night before the desired lunch to receive the regular priced meal. Meal orders placed after 7 pm are considered emergency lunch and therefore, the cost increases to $7.

Child Absence Policy: If you ordered lunch for your child on a day when he or she is out ill, you must contact the school (Sandi Wagner in the front office or email no later than 9 a.m. on the morning of the absence. The catering company will allow for a maximum of three (3) credits throughout the school year but only if they are contacted ahead of time. All monies credited for missed lunches will be applied to your student's tuition account.

These instructions are for LOWER SCHOOL ONLY. If you have students in middle and/or upper school, please reference the lunch information specific to those campuses.