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Sick or Tardy Students

Sick Students: If your student is sick, please contact the Lower School Front office to excuse them. Parents of sick children may email the Lower School Sickline ( or call 909.793-0601, ext. 300. Please contact the teacher directly for any missed work. If you have contacted the teacher, please cc the Front Office also at the sickline email.

If you ordered lunch for. your child on a day when he or she is out ill, you must contact the school no later than 9am on the morning of the absence. The catering company will allow for a maximum of three (3) credits throughout the school year, but ONLY if they are contacted by the 9am deadline. Credits will be issued for child illness only. All monies credited for missed lunches will be applied to your account.

Tardy Students: If a student arrives after 8:10 AM, they will need to enter campus through the front office in the B building. If a student does not arrive at his/her classroom unpacked and ready to learn by 8:15 AM, they are considered tardy. Any student not in the classroom by 8:15 AM will be sent to the office for a tardy slip. Students arriving between 8:15 AM and 8:30 AM do not need to be signed in by a parent. They will be given a tardy slip by the front office and sent to class. Students arriving after 8:30 AM need to be walked in by a parent and signed in at the front office before proceeding to class.