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Sick or Tardy Students

Sick Students: If your student is sick, please call the Lower School Front office to excuse them. Parents of sick children may also email the Lower School Sickline ( If you would like homework put together for your student, please leave that information as well. Homework will be available in the front office after 2:30 pm. Homework can also be left in Extended Care if you are not able to arrive by 4:00 pm when the office closes. If your student has ordered hot lunch for the day that he or she is ill, please leave that information on the sickline or in the phone message so that a credit can be issued (please note: the catering company allows for a maximum of three (3) credits throughout the school year but only if they are contacted no later than 9 am).

Tardy Students: If your student arrives after 8:15 am, he/she must come through the front office to enter campus. A parent MUST sign them in. When signing your student in, please write in his/her first and last name – there are so many new students that we need the entire name to accurately mark attendance. If you have any questions, please contact Sandi Wagner in the school front office.