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Weekly Eagle News

Weekly Eagle News – Head of Schools

My Favorite Parents:

Well, if we have had one experience this week, it has been in how to respond to a crisis.

I thought I would share some ideas here that might help you have more insight into how we go about this process. Beginning back in early February when information became public about an emerging health issue in Wuhan, China, I began having conversations and meetings on this topic. Initially this was almost entirely with our international student department, but did include the upper school principal and others impacted by the emerging information.

As the novel coronavirus became more of a domestic issue three weeks ago, we had our first meetings with our leadership team to begin to plot our response. Some of the strategies we outlined in that meeting have continued to shape our approach throughout the process: seeking to put student safety first, seeking to be measured in our response, and putting effort into forthright communication with parents. Early on, and continuing as the coronavirus spread has worsened, I have sought outside counsel from members in our community who are on the front lines in the field of medicine. We have also been informed by a wide variety of sources that have expertise including the CDC, SB County Dept of Public Health, CA Dept of Public Health and several others.

As the crisis has heightened, the necessity for greater internal communication in the face of changing realities on the ground has increased the stress surrounding our efforts. You continue to hope you are making the right decisions, but what is “right” can seem to be a moving target.

To be frank, I am guided in these situations by the strength of my relationship with God, which gives peace in the midst of a storm. Not at every moment do I always remember to tap into that peace! Further, my prayer is always that we will do the right thing and that is the question I seek to answer when responding to the realities we face. I also try to absorb every bit of information I can on this situation without falling into panic mode.

And, no, this is not something I want to do every week! 😊

Thank you for the chance to lead this community – for such a time as this.

Have a great week.


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