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Weekly Eagle News

Weekly Eagle News – Head of Schools

My Favorite Parents:

This week I wanted to share “things I love” that are going on at Redlands Christian Schools:

-        I love that our chaplain has set up spiritual life teams on each campus effectively leveraging his work of impacting the spiritual life and climate of our campuses.  Our leadership has charged these teams with two primary goals.  First, to see where God is at work and support, foster, encourage and resource.  For example, earlier this year a group of boys at the upper school created a club called Boys to Men (Shhh… they are too young to remember the boy band with the same name) with the idea of encouraging maturity and spiritual growth.  This spiritual life committee may find ways that they can encourage or resource that group of young men.  The second charge for these committees is to recognize the areas of spiritual challenge and then work on strategizing around those issues to support potential solutions.

-        I love that in our lower school we have successfully used intervention strategies to remediate reading issues for nearly every student who came into the school year below age-appropriate levels.  Many of these students had brought these reading deficiencies from their previous school.  A couple of years ago we re-worked our intervention programs with the goal of quickly helping students recover using best practices.

-        I love that our upper school boys’ soccer team overcame a tough start to the year brought on, in part, by the success of our football program leading to several players being late arriving to soccer practices.  They currently sit at the top of the Ambassador League peaking just in time for upcoming playoffs. 

-        I love that our board is committed to continuing to learn and improve as leaders of our institution.  On Saturday we had our annual board retreat and brought in two individuals to support our board’s development.  A leading local pastor led a time of spiritual challenge and then a fellow Head of School I had met through CESA conducted a board training session.

-        I love the celebrations that took place for our annual International Day events last week.  Built around the Lunar New Year, this event has become an opportunity for our students to learn about the cultural traditions of our international students or, in some cases, our domestic students who hail from other nations as well.  The events were fun, featured the hard work of students and were a great learning experience for students.

Enjoy your week!


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