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Weekly Eagle News

Weekly Eagle News – Head of Schools

My Favorite Parents:

This Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps more than most, required conscious effort to reflect on what the holiday is about – a chance to thank God for his provision, for the people He puts in our lives and to recognize that He has met our needs in the past and therefore we can count on Him as we go forward – even in the midst of a pandemic.

Sometimes we think primarily of our financial needs when we think of God’s provision, but this holiday, I think it is helpful to recognize that God meets all our needs – physical, spiritual, emotional and, even, social. The God of the universe, who has made us in His image, knows and understands us like no one else. We have the chance to be in relationship with Him through the work of His Son. In that relationship we find peace, fellowship, and an anchor for our soul when we are battered by the storms of life.

Let’s not forget that during this holiday season.

COVID Update

Past two weeks – We had our first cases of COVID on campus – a student in middle school (we quarantined the cohort), a staff member at the lower school (we quarantined the class) and me. This is not surprising considering that County numbers, positive test rates and new case rates, are above where they were during the summer peak. Thankfully, we do not seem to be a source of community spread.

In terms of my own health, thus far I have had only the most minimal symptoms. In fact, if not for a positive test, I would not have even realized I had COVID and could be spreading it to others, who may not be as fortunate in terms of symptoms.

From a NY Times article I read… New York City made a decision to shutdown their schools when their general public positive test rate reached 3%. However, the student positive test rate was only 0.17% (another source cited 0.23%). This was further evidence that students are not nearly at the risk of adults and that schools should stay open.

For those who have seen social media posts regarding the Danish mask study, I would recommend reading it for yourself. It is a great example of science in progress in that it shows a need for further studies and offers few conclusions because of its limitations. One limitation is that within the group who were supposed to always wear masks when in public, only 46% self-reported following this expectation.

Do not forget that we are offering on-site COVID testing for our RCS community on Wednesday, December 2nd and Wednesday, December 16th. To sign up, follow this link.

Enjoy your weekend!


To respond to Mr. Bell’s information or inquire regarding an all-school issue, please send him an email at