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Weekly Eagle News

Weekly Eagle News – Head of Schools

My Favorite Parents:

The home stretch… the final weeks of the semester.

A few weeks ago, I ran the Ragnar Trail Arizona. After two night runs using a head lamp to run off-road trails of 4.4 and 4.1 miles each, my final leg was a 6.6 miler. Originally our team had thought my last leg would start at 9:30 am, but we had fallen behind schedule and I did not actually start until 11:45 am.

After a flat first mile, the second mile climbed steadily. With the sun on my back and the last remnants of a cool breeze in front of me, I was pleased with my progress on the course. Just past the top of the hill, the trail turns and suddenly I was running into the desert sun and the breeze was no longer working to keep me cool. Over the next two miles my pace slowed and eventually I ended up walking. Between the heat of the sun and the two earlier runs, my legs did not want to cooperate. As I hit the marker indicating a mile left, I broke into a stumbling run. Finishing was an accomplishment.

For some of you, your student may be feeling the same way about this semester. The post-Thanksgiving push towards the end of the semester can be a challenge. Getting up in the mornings can be more difficult because there are more evening activities. Sometimes diet and exercise are not what they should be during the holiday period. Class projects can reach a peak during these next couple of weeks. For many students, the challenge of finals in courses hangs over them.

Just finishing can be an accomplishment. Encouraging your student and helping them make good decisions regarding rest, diet and exercise can be helpful. Being the parent who helps them balance their schedule and avoiding the hectic nature of the holidays is important.

Focus on helping your student plan ahead in their school work (Adolescents struggle with pre-planning as it relates to brain development which takes place during late middle school up through high school – and beyond for some boys!). Helping your student choose study strategies that work effectively for them can be a way of easing the burden of finals. HINT – very rarely is simply reading through the notes the best study strategy. Quizzing, re-writing, word play, etc. can all help with retention and recall.

And, remember, just finishing can be an accomplishment.

Have a great week.


COVID this week – In the week before Thanksgiving break, we had one new student case on the lower school and one on the middle school. No staff or upper school cases of COVID.

To respond to Mr. Bell’s information or inquire regarding an all-school issue, please send him an email at