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Weekly Eagle News

Weekly Eagle News – Head of Schools

My Favorite Parents:

I have written several times in these early weeks of the school year about our partnership with you as parents. However, when you read our mission statement you learn that “parents” are not the only ones with whom we wish to partner. Our mission statement states that we want to partner with the “church” as well.

We do this because it is our contention that when the home, the church and the school are all working together, we have an opportunity for the best possible outcomes for our students.

Here are five reasons I absolutely love my church and am committed to being there regularly:

  1. I get to hear God’s Word preached with a focus on understanding what God is communicating through it and how it should impact my life. This means that it is not “tickling my ears” but rather challenging my heart and mind. This is important. It cements the reality that there is an objective moral standard that calls me to be better than I would be otherwise. This is something that to a great extent has been lost in today’s world.
  2. I connect and am in community with people that might not otherwise be in my circle of friends. Our church is made up of blue-collar workers and Ph.D. science researchers. It has people who think differently than I do politically. It is culturally diverse. It has people that can annoy me. It has people who sin differently than I sin.
  3. My church provides a platform for service. When I can work together with fellow Christ followers something amazing happens in our ability to be the hands and feet of Christ. We maximize our impact in demonstrating the love of Christ.
  4. Something almost magical happens when I attend church regularly. And, when I miss often, it becomes obvious. God has made us to live out our faith in community with others. My faith in Christ is strengthened. I am challenged. I am energized by an experience of corporate worship. All when I attend. When I neglect it, I can feel myself struggling spiritually. I feel isolated. I can feel distracted by busyness. I am disconnected from relationships that make me better.
  5. Being part of a church community gives my life balance. Without it, I would be too focused on my job or my family in a manner that would not be healthy. My church relationships and sharing the struggles that others are experiencing often makes me realize that my own challenges are minor in comparison. Or, when my own struggles are truly difficult, I have others who want to help ease those burdens and uphold me in prayer.

Things to Know

Fall Parent Seminar – Our fall parent seminar will be held in early October with speaker and Christian leader, Donna Martin. This will take place on a Friday night and Saturday morning format, October 7th and 8th on the Lower School campus. Childcare will be offered. Dinner is available (for purchase) on Friday. Click HERE for more information, RSVP for the seminar, reserve childcare and for Friday, pay for your dinner!

Fall Parent Society Meeting – Our fall Parent Society Meeting will be on Monday, October 10th in the Lower School gym at 7 pm. It is a chance to get a state of the school address from me as head of schools, updates from each principal and hear from some of our board members.

34th Annual RCS Golf Classic - The 34th Annual RCS Golf Classic is November 7th! Register ONLINE before September 12 for early bird rates or to become an event sponsor. This is always a fun day as RCS friends join together for a day of golf at the beautiful Redlands Country Club! This is one of three ways we support our need-based tuition assistance fund which over 46% of students benefit from. Don’t golf? Support RCS with an event sponsorship or by donating items. We are in need of golfer gift and golf ball sponsors and items for the silent and live auctions. Email for more information. Thank you for your support!

Enjoy your week!


To respond to Mr. Bell’s information or inquire regarding an all-school issue, please send him an email at