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Weekly Eagle News

Weekly Eagle News – Head of Schools

My Favorite Parents:

A huge “Thank you” to all of you who completed our annual parent survey. I was really pleased. We had such a large number of respondents (8% more than last year) that our margin of error for the results is just 3% making the results highly useful for decision making. Thank you!!

Here are some highlights from the survey results:

-Our overall score was a 4.42 (on a 5-pt scale) up 1.14% from last year and extremely high in comparison to all other schools with whom our survey company works.

-The survey company has a proprietary measure called the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which reflects how positive parents are about the school. Our NPS is a 69 compared to a national average of 58, making us 19% higher than the national average. Last year we were a 61 giving us a 13% increase since last year.

-I am most pleased that our top scoring area in our survey was in “your support of the philosophy, mission, and core values of the school” which came in at 4.68. I love that parents are supportive of what we are all about as a school – the fulfillment of our God-given mission.

-It was interesting to see the impact of COVID in our survey results. We had significant increases in areas that I believe families valued more this year than in previous years (facility cleanliness 4.62 up from 4.52, sensitivity of school personnel 4.67 up from 4.42, crisis management plan 4.45 up from 4.32 and administrative team accessibility 4.61 up from 4.52). At the same time there were declines in areas negatively impacted by COVID (extracurricular activities 4.29 down from 4.47, school spirit 4.42 down from 4.51, and creating a deeply connected community 4.20 down from 4.26)

-Based on the standards the survey company uses with all clients, we had 18 items in their top category (out of 50) and none in their critical concern category. We had one item in the “caution” category (there are four categories) and that was “healthy food service” at 3.95, but even that was up from 3.65 last year.

-Because we had such strong results, the survey consultant with whom we were working suggested a higher threshold for our considering action to ensure we are making progress as a school. At the higher threshold, items at 4.23 and below, we will look at things such as dress code policy (4.13), tuition assistance policy (4.18), and creating a deeply connected community (4.20) among other strategic items for our leadership team to focus on in coming months.

Want to see the progress on construction at our new lower school campus? On Saturday, April 24th from 8:30 am to 11:00 am we are welcoming all Pre-school through 12th grade students and their families to “Come and See” the on-going construction of the lower school campus on Kansas Street. There will be guided tours offered of the A building and, if possible, the D building which houses the gym, music, art, kitchen and library/STEM facilities.

COVID Update

We had one staff case of COVID on our lower school campus this week. The individual had not been on campus for 10+ days because of required quarantines from COVID exposure so there were no required quarantines of school staff or students. There were no other student or staff COVID cases on any campus.

We continue to offer free weekly student COVID testing on each campus. The lower school testing will take place on Thursday mornings and the upper and middle school students have the option of testing on Tuesday mornings. This testing is self-administered using a rapid results test provided by Abbott Lab’s BinaxNow test. It gives results in 15 minutes. Direction from the state indicates that indoor contact sport athletes will need to be cleared by weekly testing in order to participate in those sports.

For parents, we do have self-administered COVID tests available through our upper and middle school campus offices. They are only available to RCS students and parents. These tests are collected on Tuesday morning by 8:30 am and sent by courier to a lab for processing. If you wish to take part in this, you can secure a test through Tracy Calzaretta at The costs of processing are covered through your health insurance. If you have COVID symptoms or have been exposed to a known positive COVID case, please make arrangements to secure the test without coming on campus.

Have a great week!


To respond to Mr. Bell’s information or inquire regarding an all-school issue, please send him an email at