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Weekly Eagle News

Weekly Eagle News – Head of Schools

My Favorite Parents:

On Friday I sat with the lower school teachers as we reviewed learning data gleaned from our NWEA MAP testing. These tests measure our student progress, comparing our students to normed standards for the grade level. They are a great measure of student learning.

While I have more analysis to complete in the coming weeks, the early feedback is that we have surpassed our academic goals established for this year – specifically in the percentage of students making a year’s worth of progress.

The MAP testing is designed to motivate students by encouraging ownership of their results. It tests students in math, language usage (which gets at the components of writing including grammar) and reading. The test is adaptive, meaning it adjusts based on performance, and is computer-based. Unlike much of what is done in the public sector, it is not high stakes. Students take the test 2-3 times per year and generally can complete a section in less than a class period, meaning it is minimally disruptive to the rest of learning.

This testing and analysis of results is an important part of what a commitment to excellence means for us. As a Christian school, excellence needs to be incorporated into what we do in terms of spiritual formation and in academic achievement. Each student has academic potential and we want our educational programs to allow that student to flourish, to become all that God wants them to be.


Great quote of the week. This is from Alan Pue, president of The Barnabas Group

“I can’t imagine why anyone would think it a bad thing to intentionally and intensively immerse our children and young people daily in a place where they will be taught what is good, what is beautiful, and what is true. Where they will be surrounded with teachers who seek to be an incarnation of Christ in all they do. Where they will be encouraged and challenged to ponder every aspect of the world and their role in that world through the eyes of the Creator.”

Have a great week!


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