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Redlands Christian Schools is committed to preparing students for a 21st century world, a world that is distinctly different than that faced by earlier generations of graduates.The school has developed a comprehensive technology plan to support this goal.Age-appropriate and intentional at each level, it differs significantly from schools who have embraced marketing over outcomes.

At the youngest levels, students are introduced to technology through tactile devices like the iPad.Introductory rollout of this strategy has placed iPads in each classroom to support stations making possible differentiation and remediation.Eventually, each classroom will have a full class set of the devices.

As students mature they are introduced to keyboarding skills through Chromebooks in 4th and 5th grades. Throughout the lower school program a computer lab also is used to support student learning and is staffed by a teacher who partners with the classroom teacher to provide “just-in-time” teaching for students.

In middle school RCS introduces a one-to-one program using Chromebooks.Instruction is highly oriented towards teaching skills much as the best middle school programs have done for years, even before the rise of technology.Having all students on the same device makes instruction easier and allows the school to assist more directly in helping students make good decisions about how they use their device appropriately. Google Docs, Gmail, Google Classroom and GoGuardian are key applications.

As students move into the upper school, they make the same transition that adults do in the work world.They use the technology that best allows them to produce the “product” that they want to produce.Arrowhead Christian has a BYOD program (Bring Your Own Device) where students choose from a list of 4-5 approved devices.Teachers vary instructional strategies in the classroom to allow students to further their learning with these devices.